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Scottish Breakfast Tea, organic
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Organic icon Organic
Water temperature icon Water temperature: 100 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 3 Minutes
Dosage icon Dosage: 10 g/l

Scottish Breakfast Tea, organic

Another delicious option for your breakfast table

Scottish Breakfast is a classic strong and full-bodied morning tea made from finely cut black tea leaves from Sumatra and Assam.
Finely cut leaves provide more surface area, allowing the hot water to quickly extract and mix more of the natural flavours.



Scottish Breakfast is a delicious full-bodied, soft, and strong tea with rounded notes of malt in the rye and mild nutty tones in a brew with a deep dark reddish brown color.


Brew guide

We recommend the following:

  • Water temperature: 100 degrees Celsius / 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steeping time: 3 minutes


What is black tea?

Black tea originates from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis - just like green and white tea. Black tea is completely oxidized and is the type of tea that undergoes the longest processing: picking, drying, rolling, oxidizing, and roasting.
Only the top, tender, and dark green buds are picked for quality tea - "Two leaves and a bud", which refers to the central bud and two side leaves.

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