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What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee

"What is Specialty Coffee?
Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen were the first in Denmark to introduce the concept of  "Specialty Coffee" in the early 1990s. Specialty Coffee is the term for pure Arabica coffee of the highest quality. Specialty Coffee comes from a particular farm or district in the country of origin and is grown in the highlands - most places over 1600 meters in height.

Specialty Coffee is only the best 3% of world coffee production. In order to carry this prequering, the coffee must be freshly harvested, hand picked and sorted. Approx. 6000 hand-picked coffee beans for just 1 kilogram of roasted coffee. Specialty Coffee compares in many ways to good wine, because like wine, the coffee is characterized by soilconditions, climate, microclimate and the processing of the coffee bean itself. These factors are crucial to the taste.

In the mid-1970s, the espresso machine, as we know it from cafes, coffee shops and many households, was also introduced in Denmark by Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen, which today has a wide range of espresso machines. The familiarity and cooperation with the world's leading coffee specialists in Specialty Coffee has led us to be Denmark's largest and most versatile business in the area of ​​exclusive coffee and espresso machines. More than 30 different kinds of the world's most distinguished coffee qualities are always in stock, and the range varies from autumn to autumn and continuously updated with new discoveries.

We have established a coffeeroasting plant in Skovlunde. Our roastery is what is popularly called a microroastery but in the serious end. Our roastery has a capacity of up to 100 kg. per hour, but can also produce small amounts of coffee down to 10 kg. at a time. This gives us a flexibility that allows us to provide a wide variety of different coffees to our customers so that even rare and expensive coffee variations can be roasted in such small quantities that the coffee is always fresh.

The raw coffee beans are stored in cool rooms in the basement where air humidity and temperature are closely monitored.

When the coffee arrives at our plant, it is checked, registered and stored in the basement and will go into the actual roastery immediately before it is roasted and processed. After roasting and cooling, the coffee is immediately packed and sealed in airtight bags for maximum durability.

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