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Chai Tea

Chai Tea

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen has a large selection of tea from all over the world. Our products ranges from the finest grades of pure black, green and white teas to the more traditional pure qualities, flavored black, green and white tea, the house's own mixes, red 'tea', exciting herbs and fruit ', Chai etc. Below you can read more about Chai.

Chai is an ancient Indian drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. There are different variants of Chai mixtures and the added spices on which Chai is based may also vary slightly. But there is a very essential spice that must be added to call this drink Chai - namely cardamom.

The traditional Chai is typically based on cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, tea and milk. A little sweet is also added to emphasize the robust flavors of the spices.

Chai, Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's own mix
This spicy drink consists mainly of cinnamon, white thorn, ginger, cardamom, carnations, black pepper and petal. In addition, we have added a black Indian Assam tea so the drink is just for brewing.

Rooibos Chai, Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's own mix
Rich and spicy chai based on Rooibos instead of black tea.

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