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We have just received great new coffees in the Specialty Coffee category:

Hawaiian Isle Blend
Clean KONA mixed with the finest highland shoppers from Central America, which gives a KONA cup to a lower price. Medium body, aroma and acidity with wonderful taste.

Jungle Java Blend
Exceptionally rich Specialty Coffee blend of the finest coffee from India, Africa and Central America. For every pound sold by this coffee, $1 goes to "Coffee Kids Organization". The donations are used to improve the conditions for children living in coffee-producing countries.

Mocca Java Harrar
Java Mocca Specialty Coffee Blend. Strong and exotic with spicy aftertimes and almost no acidity. Wonderful balanced, full body, taste and aroma.

Peakes of the Andes
Blend of the finest and most tasteful beans that grow along the Andes mountains shaken to perfection. Very rich body and fresh acid with a beautiful taste and aroma, which gives a very well-balanced result in the cup. This coffee will be a pleasure for everyone!

Creme Brulee
Specialty Coffee with the taste of the wonderful dessert Creme Brulee. Creamy caramelized vanilla flavor.

Decaf Dark Chocolate Decadence
Caffeine Free Specialty Coffee With Taste Of Dark Chocolate. The sophisticated intense taste of deliciously creamy dark Belgian chocolate makes this coffee the ultimate flavor for chocolate lovers.

White Russian
Specialty Coffee with the taste of the popular coffee liqueur with vodka, kahluha and milk.

Hawaiian Macademia
Specialty Coffee with a taste of deliciously creamy coconut and tasteful macademia seeds.

Vanilla Double Cream
Specialty Coffee added flavor of Polynesian vanilla from Tahiti. Suitable for dessert coffee.

Jamaican Me Crazy
Specialty coffee with taste of tropical dark Rome.

Decaf Black Stash - Coffee-free specialty espresso.
Now we can also offer this wonderful, tasteful, top-quality espresso coffee without caffeine. Black Stash consists of an exquisite blend of 100% Arabica beans, graduated as Specialty Coffee. Black Stash is completely dark-crystal, giving the coffee beans the black brown color and lightly shiny and oiled appearance. Black Stash is round and full of nutty tones and a lightly spiced aftertaste. Big body Simply seductive!

Colombian Los Idolos Dark Roast
Now we can also offer this amazing coffee from Colombia as dark roast. This coffee from Colombia has its roots in the small community of San Agustin, Huila. With its exciting aroma and rich flavor, this coffee forms part of the ADCI / VOCA specialty coffee project. Elegant and soft in the cup, while at the same time full and powerful. A real classic!

Black Stash
So our requested exclusive Specialty espresso "Black Stash" is back in the assortment!

Indian Monsooned Malabar
Exciting full-bodied specialty coffee from India with spicy notes.

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