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Welcome to Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen

A mecca for tea and coffee lovers!

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen, founded in 1889, still has the largest and best selection of Tea's from all over the world with more than 200 different varieties in stock. Our assortment ranges from the finest grades of pure black, green and white teas to the more traditional pure qualities, flavored black, green and white tea, "red" tea, herbal and fruitteas, Chai and the house's own mixes.

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's selection of Specialty Coffee is exclusively of the highest quality. We select even the green beans from the top 3% of the world coffee production that meets the quality requirements of Specialty Coffee and we cooperate exclusively with coffee brokers and directly with quality-based producers. Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen is internationally known as the purchaser of exclusive top quality specialty coffee and is therefore one of the first to be contacted when exclusive parties are available for trade.

Østerlandsk product assortment also offers instant products that are of the highest quality and need to be stirred with either water or milk. The range spans wide and contains both cocoa, chai and instant ice tea.

In recent years, Østerlandsk has expanded its range and developed exciting soft drinks. These include both coffee and tea and are revolutionary, newly developed and packed with exciting ingredients.

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen is General Agent and sole importer of La Pavoni Espresso Machines in Denmark. La Pavoni "invented" the espresso machine in 1906, and is considered the first home espresso machine, named Europiccola. It was launched by La Pavoni in 1950. This original and classic machine, which is also exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is considered still all over the world as the "real" espresso machine. Other espresso machines of quality from eg. Elektra, Quick Mill and others. - all from Italy - are part of our selection of machines. Coffee grinders are also included as a natural part of our product range.

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen has an impressive selection of accessories for tea and coffee: Espresso Cans and Stamp Cans, beautiful and funny Irish heaters, Danish designed tea caps and tea bags specially produced for Østerlandsk Teahouse, handmade teapots from Danish ceramics, Japanese cast iron scans, elegant porcelain stalks, a wide range of mugs and cups in many exciting designs from among others: Italy, England, France, Germany and the United States.

In addition to being specialists in coffee, tea and espresso machines, there are many delicacies and specialties in the store's range of products from, among others Italy, England, Scotland and Belgium.

Our fine old tea and coffee house at Nørrevold in Copenhagen is definitely worth visiting when you appreciate quality.

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