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Coffee Brewing

Brewing on stamp cans
It is essential that the stamp bowl is properly cleaned. That is, the stamp is separated, and all parts are washed with soap and washed off.

Coffee contains essential oils that quickly become rancid and give an ugly bitter taste.

Cook with water freshly from the tap and allow it to cool to 95 degrees. Use 7 grams of grinded coffee per cup (not too coarse - it's a myth that stew coffee must be grated more coarse than filter).

Pour the water over the coffee and make sure that water and coffee mix well. Wait 2 minutes, then stir in the coffee with a spoon or pull the stamp gently down, one centimeter at a time. This causes all the coffee to settle down. The stamp's function is to fix the coffee to the bottom of the can so that it does not whirl when it is poured. When the coffee itself is settled, press the stamp gently to the bottom. Coffee is best enjoyed between 40-60 degrees.

Brewing on filter
It is important that all components are thoroughly cleaned before use. In addition, it is important that the machine is descaled regularly, as chalk affects the brewing temperature. Use 7 grams of fine grated coffee per cup. Prepare the coffee immediately before it is to be enjoyed. Heat plate and thermalcans are a compromise that should, as far as possible, be avoided.

Mocha Pot
Pour fresh water into the lower part of the jar under the valve. Fill the filter funnel with coffee without top. Set the Pot and place over medium heat so that the handle is exposed to the least heat possible. When the water boils in the lower part of the bowl, an overpressure occurs which presses the water up through the coffee. When this process is complete, a sound is heard and the coffee is ready for serving.
IMPORTANT! Never leave a brewing Mochapot.

Espresso maker
6 golden rules for brewing espresso coffee:

1) 7 grams of grated coffee
2) Water outlet temperature from machine 88 degrees /- 2 degrees
3) Coffee temperature in cup 67 degrees /- 2 degrees
4) Water pressure from machine through coffee 9 bar /- 1 bar
5) Flow time from outlet to cup 25 seconds
6) Coffee in cup 25 ml

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