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Brazil San Rafael Coffee 250g
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Roast degree icon Roast degree: Mellemristet/ Medium roast / mittel geröstet
Origin icon Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Brasilien


Brazil San Rafael Coffee

Brazilian specialty coffee
Brazil is by far the world's largest coffee producer with more than 30% of total world production. Brazil has had a long tradition of producing specialty coffee of extremely high quality since the 18th century. In Brazil, a lot is done to ensure traceability so that the individual producer can be identified and the quality measured in an efficient way.
Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's Brazil coffee is a specialty coffee typically grown in the highlands over 1000 m. above sealevel. The state of San Rafael is located at almost 1100 m.above sealevel and is located in the Cerrado region.

Bean & roast
At Østerlandsk we roast the green beans ourselves and our Brazil coffee is medium roasted by skilled coffee roasters. This is also known as City Roast.

The beans are of the botanical varieties: Acaia & Mundo Novo.
Treatment: Natural

Aroma & taste
Brazil produces a large number of coffees with many different and complex flavor nuances. Our Brazil coffee is no exception. The coffee has a medium fullness, with a low but well-balanced acidity. It has a nice mild sweetness with both aroma and strong taste notes of both cocoa, chocolate and nuts like f.ex.hazelnut.

We recommend Brazil coffee brewed on a French Press, or on the classic filter coffee method (Also known as pour over coffee).
However, the coffee can easily be brewed in other ways.

More coffee from the same shelf
Brazil coffee is one of Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen ’most popular coffee products. For anyone who likes this coffee we can also  recommend our Colombia coffee as an alternative. Colombia coffee offers a slightly stronger taste but in the same direction as Brazil coffee.

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