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Cool Mint - 12 pcs. pyramid teabags

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Water temperature icon Water temperature: 100 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 8 - 10 Minutes


Cool Mint - 12 pcs. pyramid teabags

Do you like mint?

Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen was among the first to introduce herbal teas like Cool Mint. And we have composed an extremely tasty herbal tea which by far satisfy almost everybody.

Cool Mint is produced according to our classic recipe. It is a pure herbal tea composed by only the best quality ingredients like lemon grass, peppermint, liquorice roots and apple pieces.



There is many variants of Cool Mint on the market. But we dare to say that we found exactly the right taste and furthermore also the most intensive taste.

The taste is sweet with notes of liquorice and peppermint. If you are looking for sweets - try and replace it with Cool Mint tea from Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen.



Cool Mint tea is a pure herbal tea with an almost infinite infusion time. The taste will only grow stronger clarifying the different flavours. Optimal infusion time is 8-10 min. in 100 C degrees hot water.

Cool Mint is also excellent used as icetea on a hot summerday.


More of the same tea

Cool Mint tea is one of our most popular tea blends. The tea is one of the family also consisting of Liquorice tea, Dragon Mint, Sweet Lemon and Tiger Mint. Cool Mint tea is available both in loose weight and in 125 g tins as well as in teabags

The box contains 12 pieces. pyramid teabags. The teabags are made of PLA, which is a natural material that is easily broken down in nature.

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