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White Princess Mary Tea
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Water temperature icon Water temperature: 80 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 3 - 5 Minutes
Dosage icon Dosage: 10 g/l
Density icon Density: 230 g/l


White Princess Mary Tea

Light & Delicate

White Princess Marie Tea is a beautiful and light white tea from Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen. White tea belongs to the lighter types of tea. Here you get a beautifully balanced version combined with raspberries, grapefruit, marigold and rose petals.



Light and delicate taste of sweet raspberries and well balanced by the refreshing grapefruit's mild acidity.



White Princess Marie tea is made on white tea and to achieve the most optimal taste and maintain the good properties of the tea as well as vitamins and antioxidants, the infusion time of 3-5 min. and 80 degrees of hot water should be used.


What is white tea

White tea is the first tender shoot of the tea bush and a delicacy, harvesting only a few days in early spring. Tea leaves are not picked on days of rain if the dew is not completely gone or if there is frost in the soil. White tea differs from both green and black tea in the process that follows the actual picking of the tea leaves. The fresh tea leaves undergo a natural drying process.

The white tea, like the green tea, is unfermented, which means that the tea leaves do not undergo the oxygenation process which causes the color of the tea leaves to darken. Unlike other teas, the tea leaves are rolled very rarely. Thus, the characteristics of most white qualities are that they are very large-leaved.

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