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Prince Wlademir tea
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Water temperature icon Water temperature: 95 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 4 Minutes
Dosage icon Dosage: 10 g/l


Prince Wlademir tea

Popular blend

Prince Wlademir tea is another tea in the line of Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's popular blends. It consists of only the best teas and is composed of both black and white teas. A nice combination that makes the tea light but incredibly flavorful. To make the tea fresh and soft, pink grapefruit, raspberry, bergamot, vanilla and marigold flowers have been added.



Lovely black & white tea with notes of fruit, vanilla and bergamot.



Prince Wlademir tea is a combination of black and white tea. In order to obtain the most optimal taste and maintain the good properties of the tea as well as vitamins and antioxidants, the infusion time of 4 min. and 95 degrees of hot water are observed.


What is black & white tea

Black tea comes just like green and white tea from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Black tea is completely fermented, ie oxygenated, and is the type of tea that undergoes the longest processing process: picking, drying, rolling, fermenting and roasting. For the highest quality, only the top, thin and dark green top shoots are picked. Two leaves and a bud are picked, ie two leaves and the middle top shoot.

White tea is the first tender shoot of the tea bush and a delicacy, harvesting only a few days in early spring. White tea differs from both green and black tea in the process that follows the actual picking of the tea leaves. The fresh tea leaves undergo a natural drying process. The white tea, like the green tea, is unfermented, which means that the tea leaves do not undergo the oxygenation process which causes the color of the tea leaves to darken. Unlike other teas, the tea leaves are rolled very rarely. Thus, the characteristics of most white qualities are that they are very large-leaved

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