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Viking Tea organic- 12 pcs. pyramid teabags
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Organic icon Organic
Water temperature icon Water temperature: 80 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 3 Minutes

Viking Tea organic- 12 pcs. pyramid teabags

Viking tea on black & green tea, with added herbs, flowers & fruits from the North

For a long time we at Østerlandsk Teahouse, have had a desire to create a tea with a focus on old Nordic ingredients.

Viking tea contains both green and black tea varieties, which both stems from the tea plant Camilia Sinensis leaves. In addition to the black and green tea, we have also added carefully selected ingredients, such as apple pieces, nettle, raspberry, rose hip, fennel, licorice root and blue cornflower. This composition results in a soft body, with a very mild acidity and an array of flavors from the Nordic nature.



Viking Tea is a soft bodied tea, which has a lightly sweetish taste of sweet apples and raspberries, a very gentle acidity from the rose hips, and a lovely array of herbal notes from licorice root, fennel, nettle and blue cornflowers.

The final result is an extremely lovely tea that is filled with notes from the Nordic coasts, meadows and forests.



Our Viking Tea is a blend of black and green tea, and therefore it can become a bit bitter if it’s brewed to hot or too long. The most optimal brewing time is 3 min. and approx. 80 degrees hot water.


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We highly recommend Viking Tea's sister tea, Viking Organic, which consists entirely of herbs, fruit berries and flowers from the north.


Other information

The tin contains 12 pieces of pyramid teabags.
The teabags themselves are made of PLA, which is a natural material that is easily broken down in nature.

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