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Heavenly Jasmine Tea - Silver Needle Jasmine
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Water temperature icon Water temperature: 70 - 80 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 2 - 4 Minutes
Dosage icon Dosage: 10 g/l
Origin icon Origin: Guangxi, Kina
Desnsity icon Desnsity: 130 g/l


Heavenly Jasmine Tea - Silver Needle Jasmine

Formidable white Silver Needle tea from Guangxi province in China, which by traditionall  methods have absorbed the beautiful aroma of Jasmine flowers.

Silver Needle is a well-known white tea that consists solely of the finest young budding leaves from the tea plant, traditionally harvested in early spring. This tea is picked in the early spring harvest in March. The elongated young buds are covered with fine, silvery-white downey hairs; Hence the name Silver Needle.

The natural aroma of jasmine flowers is applied to the tea by the traditional method, as following; The unopened jasmine flowers are picked early in the morning, then sprinkled over the finished tea. The tea leaves then absorb the scent and taste of the flowering jasmine flowers. The tea is subsequently carefully heat treated again to remove excess moisture from the jasmine flowers. The flowers used are then removed from the tea leaves, as the flowers are now completely dry and no longer contribute to the tea's aroma. Because of this, the apperance of dried jasmin flowers in the tea, is no indicator of the tea's quality, on the contrary, often the opposite.

This process is repeated 5 times in the production of our Silver Needle Jasmine, and this helps to give the tea its wonderful aroma and taste of jasmine. The final result is a tea that combines Silver Needle's classic soft, slightly creamy and sweet notes, with the full bodied and floral flavor of jasmine.
A absolutely formidable tea, that is highly recommended.

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