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Organic Energizer Tea, Organic
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Organic icon Organic
Water temperature icon Water temperature: 100 °C
Infusion time icon Infusion time: 8 - 10 Minutes
Desnsity icon Desnsity: 230 g/l

Organic Energizer Tea, Organic

Lovely herbal tea with Maté & Gensing

If you like our popular herbal teas, you should also try our amazing Organic Energizer Tea.

Organic Energizer tea is made according to Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's own secret recipe. It is a pure herbal tea as no tea is used as we know it from the tea plant Camilia Sinensis and it is composed exclusively of the very best herbs and spices such as elderberry, apple, forest berry leaves, lemon peel, shelf flower, Maté and Gensing. As it is a herbal tea, it contains only the caffeine derived from Maté.


Organic Energizer is a herbal tea with lots of lovely flavors ..



Organic Energizer is an herbal tea and can therefore draw almost infinitely, the taste only becomes stronger and the different flavor notes appear more clearly the longer it draws. The most optimal infusion time is 8-10 min. using 100 degrees hot water.


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Organic Energizer tea is one of Østerlandsk 1889 Copenhagen's own popular blends. It is available both in loose weight and in 125g cans.


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